The air atomisation system is certainly the most commonly used paint spraying method, as it can be
used to apply any kind of paint on small products that require an excellent finish.
The paint is drawn directly from the container, filtered at the inlet an outlet and directed to the gun
according to the desired amount and air pressure depending on the specific job you need to carry out.
With a tank of a modest capacity, the pump can be used for small projects and can be easily and quickly
disassembled to wash it. This series of low-pressure pumps can feed paint into any kind of manual paint
gun. Reliable performance with water-based paint as well.


Versione a carrello FISSO



  • Pressure ratio: 1/1
  • Max product pressure: 2-8 bar
  • Max flow rate: 10/min
  • Suction connection: 36×2 mm
  • Weight: 10 Kg